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SMACO Foot Operated Splicer - Model #200   SMACO Vulcanizer - Model #50   SMACO Vulcanizer - Model #500   SMACO Injection Press - Model # 600
SMACO Vulcanizer - Model #200/400   SMACO 3" Pivot Cutter   SMACO Cantilever Rubber Cutter   SMACO Air Cutter
SMACO Portable Self-Contained Splicer   SMACO Molds   SMACO Adhesives   SMACO Rubber Samples


The Sivon Manufacturing Company offers a full line of SMACO manufacturing equipment for the rubber industry. Our products include Rubber Cutters, Vulcanizers, Splicers, Injection Transfer Presses, Molds, Accessories and Adhesives. Please contact one of our friendly advisors who will be able to serve you. We can even do custom orders to your specifications.

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